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Hit and run time

Its hit and run judgment time tomorrow at 10am.  I hope its a fair result - but the lack of input by the profession may cost.

The regulation is ludicrous and it does not serve its purpose.  Lets see what the judgment says.  The evidence about just one Police stationa nd how well it was managed etc read like a lot of nonsense and one hopes the Justices have heard of what exactly goes on in people's desperate endeavours to report accidents.

Posted by Michael de Broglio on Monday 05-Mar-07   |  Permalink   |  1 Comment  Comments
Regulation 2(1)(c) Unconstitutional

The hit and run case was a fantastic judgment by the Constitutional Court that cut through all the nonsense and got straight to the point that whatever the regulations tried to achieve, it was not, and 14 days is a ridiculous period in which to do anything.  Interestingly enough, they are also included in the new Road Accident Fund regulations, so those will also have to be redrafted to a certain extent.

By the way, my new site is up at www.accidentclaim.co.za

Posted by Michael de Broglio on Thursday 08-Mar-07   |  Permalink   |  0 Comments  Comments
Direct payments
As you may know the Road Accident Fund have advised that they are going to implement direct payment to clients.  This is on the basis, that this will reduce “fraud” which is an extraordinary comment to essentially aim at the profession. 

A ridiculously short period has been allowed for comments – and presumably then implementation.  To place an advert in the Sunday media that gives one just a week until the deadline - which is on a Sunday is ridiculous.  To then also make a type and put in the wrong number as fax a number - when it is a general switchboard is simply not acceptable.
Posted by Michael de Broglio on Monday 12-Mar-07   |  Permalink   |  0 Comments  Comments
JAA submission on direct payments
The JAA's submission on direct payments by the road Accident Fund is available as a PDF here and a big thanks to Advocate Eben Serfontein for his tremendous work on the subject and the various RAF issues for the Johannesburg Attorneys Association.
Posted by Michael de Broglio on Monday 19-Mar-07   |  Permalink   |  0 Comments  Comments
BEE or Equality
I see the whole BEE / Equality Act debate within the profession made it into the Sunday Times this weekend.  It will have a major impact on our profession and yet very few white attorneys have said anything, become involved or done anything on the issue.  Its an issue well worth following and more of you should do so.  The Law Society President emphasized that at the moment there are simply not nearly enough black Advocates to implement targets like 40% of all briefs this year and 60% next year.
Posted by Michael de Broglio on Monday 26-Mar-07   |  Permalink   |  0 Comments  Comments
Danisa Baloyi and the RAF

The Fidentia disgrace, which has seen theft of money from a trust amongst others and widows without funds has already seen ABSA group terminating the services of Danisa Baloyi, who holds a prominent position on the board of the Road Accident Fund. 

There is now some allegation that she does not in fact hold the PHD she advertises and i in fact cannot thus hold the title "Dr" either.  These are very serious allegations and one trusts the RAF is looking into them and close to finalizing its investigations.  You can read the latest allegations on the Moneyweb site here.

Posted by Michael de Broglio on Monday 26-Mar-07   |  Permalink   |  0 Comments  Comments
Danisa Baloyi resigns
I see that the media are reporting, that subsequent to the queries about her qualifications, that Danisa Baloyi has resigned from all boards on which she sits.  Presumably this relates to the Road Accident Fund also.  What is surprising is how long she took to do so - and why she never did so when people were going out about widows not getting paid, but only did so when her PHD was questioned.
Posted by Michael de Broglio on Wednesday 28-Mar-07   |  Permalink   |  0 Comments  Comments

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