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The Times article

The Times have run an article on the accident stats being manipulated that quotes me.  Now the Department say stats don't matter so much - while other papers are full of praise for the Department on their reduced stats - based of course on incorrect data.  The link to the article - http://www.timeslive.co.za/news/article248965.ece

Posted by Michael de Broglio on Tuesday 05-Jan-10

The Times article


Les Kobrin  said...
on Tuesday 05-Jan-10 07:53 PM
An injury in a motor accident is always one injury too many. The Organised legal profession should now expend its energy on ensuring that an adequate competent just and fair system of compensation for Road Accident Victims must become a reality sooner rather then later.

Daniela  said...
on Tuesday 05-Jan-10 03:58 PM
If stats don't matter then why do they insist on publishing these stats on the off chance that someone like yourself or Mr. Handfield-Jones (who figuratively speaking have an "interest" in these occurences) will challenge them?

People need to take into consideration that over the last 2 festive seasons road works have become a rather frequent site and I know from personal experience that they can be rather tricky. Things are being done hastily and not necessarily with the road user's immediate safety as a priority.

As for the department of transport saying that one should not worry about the stats and 'come up with a solution'... That is their job. It is like asking a farmer to build a bridge.

Rather compare the same dates every year and take the same factors into consideration. This way the truth is out there.

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