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Prison inmates get compensation

Drug addict inmates in England sue the Government because their incarceration makes them go cold turkey and they get paid out for their discomfort.  For some reason personal injury attorneys in South Africa are very conservative - with prisons like ours there should be thousands and thousands of cases - and helping improve our prisons etc at the same time.

Today was a Law Society appearances day for me - when attorneys in terms of Rule 101 have the opportunity to present their case as to why they should not be struck off.  Its a draining day and it began at 9am in Pretoria and ended just after 6pm.  There are increasing number of attorneys who simply don't file their trust audits etc on time and with the Law Society getting tougher, and numbers of admitted attorneys increasing, the number of those with problems will no doubt, sadly, increase.  The cases before us are generally serious - but the best way to get the Law Society attention is still to put your return in late - or not at all.

Posted by Michael de Broglio on Monday 13-Nov-06

Prison inmates get compensation


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