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American elections and reading material

Amongst the things I love are magazines and technology.  Now if you like those things you often have to be patient in South Africa - sometimes, as with the Blackberry it can take years for something to come to SA and then in the case of the new Nokia E61 its more up to date.  I have figured out e-mail etc on the rather decent phone but I am so used to predictive text that I struggle when given a QWERTY keyboard designed for mice.

The one field where our magazines, try as hard as they do, can just not compete is with the top international business magazines.  I get quite a few must my favourite, which is not stocked in SA as far as I can see is Business Week.  One has to follow business carefully to see where the trends will next emerge.  As for reading books - I struggle more with those - but currently reading Bob Woodward's State of Denial : Bush at War (Part III) which reportedly gives him lots of stick.  So far its a tour de Rumsfeld and his war plans.  I follow the best selling lists in the US quite closely and it seems that books achieve prominence there as much as 6 months ahead of SA although with music the gap can be closer to 2 to 6 weeks.  I guess in many ways I am also a history buff and I do follow American politics fairly closely - and am not a Bush fan.  The Democrats are up now, but they usually contrive a loss by Presidential elections....

Posted by Michael de Broglio on Thursday 09-Nov-06

American elections and reading material


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