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High Court Trial dates
The trial dates on my blog reflect dates been allocated now, but not what you will be given if you apply today – and the backlog in the High Court is growing everyday!  For eg the current High Court dates being allocated are June 2007, but that is only if you handed in your application somewhere around May (there seems to be a lot of inconsistency with these).  The Registrar, has advised Daleen if you hand in an application now, based on the recent flood of applications he has had he guesses you will get a date in June 2008.  Lets hope he is joking – and on a more serious note that the backlog gets caught up.  The bottom line is the Magistrates Court does a fantastic job with a much bigger load and one can’t imagine why the High Court in Johannesburg has such problems.

Posted by Michael de Broglio on Monday 06-Nov-06

High Court Trial dates


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