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Lets start this Blog!
Time to breathe a bit more life into this site, and get things going again - and no better way than a blog.  So, beginning SA's 1st attorneys association or organization blog is my honour - and perhaps my worry!  Worry, because attorneys generally look to find fault and attack it - and very few contribute the articles that can be attacked.  Of course it takes far more work to contribute than attack - but some fail to realize that!  I hope to journalize the trials and tribulations of work in the profession and within my area of expertise - and hope you enjoy it.  Like all good things it will last until such time as we cause too much offense or receive too many threats!  Seriously, my articles for the JAA in 2004 brought me a few thanks, one vicious complaint subsequently withdrawn and one threat of litigation.

Posted by Michael de Broglio on Friday 14-Jan-05   |  Permalink   |  0 Comments  Comments
Like most of you I take Saturdays off.  Well, this one - and sort of.  It's the Gauteng Law Council Bosberaad next weekend and as Chairperson I have to prepare documents, concepts and plan the course of the whole of next Saturday.  I am the youngest man on the Council, although there are one or two younger lady attorneys, and that also adds to the pressure - one feels one is judged even more critically.

Posted by Michael de Broglio on Saturday 15-Jan-05   |  Permalink   |  0 Comments  Comments
Security at Courts

It was quite shocking to read of a colleague's death at the Hillbrow Magistrates Court on Friday.  A client and attorney shot dead by a husband who then killed himself.  It shows how vunerable we are and that attorneys involved in divorce work often become embroiled in unpleasant family issues.

I addressed an e-mail to the Committee this morning requesting that we again look into the the issue of security at the courts and address correspondence to, and meet with, those who can do something about the situation.  Lets hope they act - although I somehow doubt it.  My principal withdrew from a divorce matter when his own wife and children were threatened by an enraged husband who was prepared to use all tactics to stop a divorce from going through.  I thought then they he withdrew somewhat quickly - as in immediately - but Friday sent a chill through me.  Some cases are simply not worth proceeding with.

Posted by Michael de Broglio on Monday 24-Jan-05   |  Permalink   |  0 Comments  Comments
LSNP meeting on Friday

The Law Society meeting on Friday dealt with a number of issues and the LSNP will be taking up the issue of Court security as well.  I do hope that the powers that be do respond to all the correspondence they will be getting!

Law Society meetings are all day meetings, almost always on the last Friday of the month and the agenda's, annexures and minutes are voluminous.  There is so much to go through, and so little time to do it that much is delegated to committee's of which we have a number.  I now sit on the Rules &Ethics committee as well as the Road Accident Fund committee.

Friday's meeting was attended by Duncan Anderson of the RAF as a special guest and I will report back, in our RAF newsletter, in as much as I can.

Posted by Michael de Broglio on Monday 31-Jan-05   |  Permalink   |  0 Comments  Comments
Got my Masters

Sometimes one's name pops up on the most unusual ocassions - or indeed TV shows.  Gnerally of course publicity is good, but sometimes it is less than fun.  My brushes with the media are generally positive, apart from a part time journalist who toook to describing me as "arrogant" or something to that effect. 

On the other hand, the more you write for legal publications, the moor you open yourself to attack!  Attorneys are great at ripping things to pieces, but many struggle to build - which of course is useful!  My great news for the day was to hear that I have obtained my LLM from Wits University in Tax Law - which brings the last two years to a successful close for me.

Posted by Michael de Broglio on Monday 31-Jan-05   |  Permalink   |  0 Comments  Comments

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