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Jacob Modise leaves the Road Accident Fund

As I reported in my legal newsletter, which you can sign up for at www.legalnewsletter.co.za, Jacob Modise left the Road Accident Fund rather suddenly, some 5 months ahead of when his contract expired. There is still no word on why he left and what possible disagreement, at the very least, took place, but when somebody leaves essentially immediately, and the communications manager is instantly appointed as the CEO, you can rest assured that there is a lot more to the story. Hopefully, in time it will come out and we will all be able to know what exactly lies behind the board publicly announcing, some 5 months before it was time to renew the contract, that they were not doing so and that the next day would be his very last at work.

Posted by Michael de Broglio on Saturday 06-Aug-11

Jacob Modise leaves the Road Accident Fund


Susan Nel  said...
on Wednesday 10-Aug-11 10:27 AM
And so the wheel turns ...

John  said...
on Tuesday 09-Aug-11 11:04 PM
And this STUPID thing about the Defendant attorney receiving instructions on a roster system, regardless of jurisdiction, then appointing a correspondent with jurisdiction, and who BOTH get paid, doubling expenses - WTF?

Pieter  said...
on Monday 08-Aug-11 09:04 AM
Good riddance!

Gary  said...
on Monday 08-Aug-11 09:03 AM
Good riddance to him, and the R6 mill+ package which was allegedly paid to him last year.

Leslie Kobrin  said...
on Monday 08-Aug-11 07:03 AM
Whilst we have not been informed of the reason for the sudden departure of Mr Modise from his position as CEO of the RAF, I cannot help but remark that under his stewardship the RAF became somehat disfunctional. Claims which should have been settled a lot earlier have not been settled all at substantially increased costs to the taxpayer. Plaintiff's Attorneys were all too often blamed for this when in truth and in fact the manner in which claims were administered left a lot to be desired. It is hoped that Mr Modise's successor will be able to turn the administration around in such a way that this Body will lieve up to the statements contained in its mission statement.

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