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Life is too short

In December, I lost a friend, Charlie Mnisi. Charlie was a former President of the Law Society of the Northern Provinces and very involved in the legal profession. We sat next to each at the Law Society for about 3 years and he was always my partner at the Law Society golf days, except last year November, when I could not make the event, and a month later he fell down some stairs and died two days later.

I will always remember Charlie as a smiling, happy man who always had his copy of the Mail & Guardian close to him on a Friday and did not take things too seriously. At the halfway house at Country Club Johannesburg, while the marshall chased the rest of us off to the tee to carry on with our round of golf, saying our breakfast break was over, Charlie continued to finish his breakfast and then ambled down to the tee, a smile on his face and not a concern in the world, after the rest of us had already played off. He was very relaxed and none of the pressure of the marshall or anybody else affected him and that was his nature. Another tragic loss and another family robbed of a father and a husband, and just a reminder to all of us that you really don’t know how long, at any given time, you have left on this earth.

Posted by Michael de Broglio on Wednesday 09-Feb-11

Life is too short


stephanie  said...
on Friday 07-Feb-14 08:19 AM

Nomanzi  said...
on Monday 10-Sep-12 12:27 AM
Hello, those were very touching words. I am his first born Nomanzi Mnisi. Those words help heal our wounds. Thank you very much. We miss him everyday

Dolores Dunn  said...
on Wednesday 16-Feb-11 07:28 PM
This is a very touching story. The manner in which you describe Charlie indicates that he lived a full life and in so doing also touched the lives of others. Very few of us live our lives with a smile on the face, unaffected by the pressures of everyday life. How lucky Charlie was to have realised that life is a gift which clearly he used wisely!

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