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Further rule change needed?

It has been proposed, by a sub-committee of the Law Society of the Northern Provinces, that the Council consider if it should make a submission to the Rule Board on changing the rules relating to time periods for expert notice reports and joint minutes.  The submission is the the current notice period of 10 days must be extended to 2 months and the joint minutes of the experts must be ready 6 weeks before the trial.  Ronald Bobroff asked me to see what the opinion of attorneys out there was - so let us have your input by briefly completing the online survey by clicking this link.  This would obviously affect Magistrates Court and High Court work.

Posted by Michael de Broglio on Tuesday 26-May-09

Further rule change needed?


Paul du Plessis  said...
on Wednesday 27-May-09 10:13 AM
Defendants in all spheres of litigation are wont to delay in filing their expert reports and also quite deliberately frustrate the joint minute process. By setting a fixed time for joint minutes without a sanction either way, the defendants will simply have another arrow added to their quivers. Insofar as RAF cases are concerned, let's be honest... this would be just what the fund needs to push for postponements on matters that should be settled - better to simply leave the joint minute issue as something for the parties to sort out.

Marius  said...
on Wednesday 27-May-09 09:10 AM
It sounds great, but is unfortunately not prectical-

Johan  said...
on Wednesday 27-May-09 09:05 AM
Dit gaan nie werk nie. Ons sukkel nou reeds so om afsprake by deskundiges te kry en hulle verslae tydig te kry. Dit sal die ideaal wees, maar in die praktyk gaan dit nie werk nie. Dit sal ook ny lei tot vroeëskikking nie, want die Fonds skik nie sake vroeg nie, behalwe as mens bereid is om die Fonds se powere aanbiedeinge te aanvaar.

piet  said...
on Wednesday 27-May-09 08:43 AM
the ammendment will substantially contribute to the early settlement and cost efective disposal of trials,its much overdue

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