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I was contacted by a young guy who said he had some of his post intercepted, and criminals then tried to change his bank account details.  They did so with a fake Commissioner of Oaths stamp, in my name, together with address details that don’t correspond with my firm at all.  It is amazing how much crime there is out there, and how often these types of things go on.  Last year an East Rand firm, where I know one of the partners from his involvement in the Gauteng Law Council, sent me a letter about an account that I allegedly opened at some far off, East Rand printer, and which had not been paid and supplied me with cheque that I issued.  Again, completely fraudulent and fake information and it ultimately turned out that my original cheque had actually been made out to a witness for an accident for subpoena purposes and appears to have gone missing while in the office of the Sheriff or at some stage in the process of the subpoena being served and then having a new payee and amount inserted.

Posted by Michael de Broglio on Sunday 03-May-09



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