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Flight security
I wrote this in London following the foiled attempts to hijack planes in August and before standing through the queues which were not so bad, although my plane did leave about 3 hours late:

The new increased airport security makes a lot of sense to me. Sitting at home may make it seem like a lot of fuss.
Sit in a hotel in London and you will have a different perspective of that flight home. Quite honestly the increased security you here of in London does not exist  not on the Underground anyway. It amazes me, in a country with such lax security that there are so few officers at each tube station. It is surprising that for so long one has been able to carry another 7kgs (and I managed 20 once) of hand luggage on to a flight carrying who knows what. X-ray machines seem pretty useless generally and overall search standards are simply not good enough. England has excellent police forces, capable of proper investigation  which so many forces are not  but that is counterbalanced by an approach to personal freedoms that still put the country at risk. The truth is, whether they like it or not, they need to reduce some of their personal freedoms and have security more on a par with ours, which together with their vastly superior investigative abilities, should help them more readily target the homeless, useless and plain evil types who are so happy to die as long as they can take many of us with them.
Posted by Michael de Broglio on Wednesday 04-Oct-06

Flight security


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